Saturday, July 17, 2010

Six and a half months later

Woah. This is a blast from the half-not-so-recent past. I don't even know if anyone will still read this. It seems like Twitter has taken over. I always liked Tumblr a bit more, but that's just personal preference I suppose. How much has changed since then. Now I'm a year older, the ripe old age of seventeen. And it's kind of amusing to see just how much has happened, what's changed, where I am in life now.

Re-reading my last few posts, I almost laugh at how dopey I sound about G, the boy I had a fling with almost a year ago. Our story, his and mine, it seems like a whole life ago. I caught up with him the other day in the city actually, we met up for coffee. I met his new boyfriend, and him and his friend made fun of him quite blatantly. Not to his face, and I know I sound like a complete bitch, but the two just don't suit. The boyfriend, who is like a whole generation older, whipped him away in five minutes. It was rude, and he was helpless. I could do nothing but laugh. 

Life now is different. I'm apprehensive to write about it, I'd prefer to keep my private life private. But there's a new boy, new friends, new ambitions and goals. It's odd, coming back after so many months, and seeing just how much has changed. 

Bit of a pointless post, but oh well. I doubt many will read this. Signing off, Spencer.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Congratulations Mirrorboy

I just read about what's happened with you, and I could not be more happy for you! I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow morning for the week, but I will make sure to send you a text all the same. Aw :) 

Just a quick update on me, fingers crossed you care a teensy bit!
Me and G are over, I fell out of liking him, and ended it, simple as that. Last I heard, he's rooting four new boys. Good luck to him and his future, aye. School has finished the year, and I have already lost track of the days! I am off to work in Melbourne for a week, before coming back to a jam-packed celebratory few weeks of birthdays and the usual suspects of Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Eve. 

Happy holidays blog world! And a gigantic cheesy grin to you Mirrorboy! Looks like your christmas present came early this year.

Love love,
<3 Spencer.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

That was quick.

Okay, so not that many (or any!) of you will actually care, but I don't think I'm going to be able to keep doing blogging. I keep forgetting about it, and I never know what to write! I fail, I know. I'm real sorry. I might post once in awhile, but I wouldn't hold your breath. You could die!

I'm real sorry blog world.

<3 Spencer.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Excuse me while I melt

Pardon me for the lack of updates! My part of the world is currently experiencing a minor heatwave, and I do believe there's a little trail of Spencer trailing behind me!

I haven't been at school in awhile as I've been sick, yes still! I have a cold in this weather, ironic!

So I'm currently trying to catch up on school work, and there's a lot of it!

My special boy is coming down this weekend, I'm real excited. He told me he loved me via text, and I think the weird thing is I love him as well. It feels like I've met him more than once. I don't want to make mistakes, but I don't think I am. If anyone gets that!

Oh, and if anyone is bored, send Mirrorboy an email. It's time he came back to semi-regular blogging! His recent blog was at the pushing of me I do believe. Mirrorboy, spread your time! Boyfriend and blog readers! We're all still here ;)

I'm going to go put myself in the freezer and become solid again! I want to know what you want to hear about, it gives me something to write about! Be inspirational!

Much love,
Spencer <3

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A quick update

I've been sick all week, and yesterday was the first day I ventured out into the real world. Yes, I bit the bullet and attended school. And boy was that a mistake. I feel sicker than ever! However, there was reason for going, and that was a large dinner I organised with a group of close friends. 

School was easy, we had personal development in which we attended workshops dealing with drugs (tick), alcohol (tick) and parties (double tick!). It was all familiar topic. We also toured tertiary facilities, nothing like choosing a future early!

Oh, after school, I went and gave Mirrorboy a quick visit, told him all about the support I've been getting! 

Dinner out was real good, there were people there I hadn't seen in weeks or even months! I had the best pasta in the world as well (creamy chicken avocado) nom nom. I felt so happy I forgot how sick I felt. Ah I'm so lame! 

Afterwards, I had a good chat with my friend over a smoke about life in general, and it made me think a lot. Sometimes it's good, just telling someone your problems. It's good knowing that there's people there for you. 

That night I went back to my friend's for a few movies. It was really relaxed, but I came home early this morning so I could just spend some time alone, which I enjoy just as much as being with people. I guess it's good like that, you'll be content wherever you are, really. 

Until I have some more news, all my love.
Spencer <3

PS. Oh, and I'm still single because we're waiting till we see each other in person to figure out what we want next. He's coming down this weekend hopefully, I'll let you know ;)