Saturday, July 17, 2010

Six and a half months later

Woah. This is a blast from the half-not-so-recent past. I don't even know if anyone will still read this. It seems like Twitter has taken over. I always liked Tumblr a bit more, but that's just personal preference I suppose. How much has changed since then. Now I'm a year older, the ripe old age of seventeen. And it's kind of amusing to see just how much has happened, what's changed, where I am in life now.

Re-reading my last few posts, I almost laugh at how dopey I sound about G, the boy I had a fling with almost a year ago. Our story, his and mine, it seems like a whole life ago. I caught up with him the other day in the city actually, we met up for coffee. I met his new boyfriend, and him and his friend made fun of him quite blatantly. Not to his face, and I know I sound like a complete bitch, but the two just don't suit. The boyfriend, who is like a whole generation older, whipped him away in five minutes. It was rude, and he was helpless. I could do nothing but laugh. 

Life now is different. I'm apprehensive to write about it, I'd prefer to keep my private life private. But there's a new boy, new friends, new ambitions and goals. It's odd, coming back after so many months, and seeing just how much has changed. 

Bit of a pointless post, but oh well. I doubt many will read this. Signing off, Spencer.


southern said...

Well this is a pleasant surprise - nice to know all is well and yes alot of things can change in 6 months.
Take care Stef

Aaron said...

I still read! :)

Dave83201 said...

Please, I hope you will continue to post.